Legend of Basara Volume 2

Since my Volume 1  post was so long, I decided to split the two up. Maybe I shouldn’t do summary format, and just talk about the important parts….I’ll figure it out

One image is all i need for this (I’m lying but this is great). Me “Omg this new lady is drop dead gorgeous!!! I adore her already!” “No, it couldn’t be”….next page. “DEAR GOD, AGEHA PLZ!!!”

LOL okay, unto the summary thing I do~

Totally started ignoring if I was posting spoilers. Sorry 😦


Sarasa, feeling all guilty went and ran from her advisers and people. She feels like she needs to do thing on her own and not have so much responsibility. I agree with this, Shes so not ready to have a bunch of people relying on her.  Totally forgot to mention in volumes 1 post, but her grandpa told her to collect the other 3 swords (told ya) so she needs to go to Kyuushu. To do that she has to cross the sea, that’s currently restricted because everyone is looking for Tatara. So this gorgeous performer and her group pick her up. Freaking Ageha man. He’s too pretty! We meet Shuri’s best friend, who notices the seends on Sarasa’s next. it was a cute funny scene because Shuri thought he got rejected xD The friend also seems to know Ageha. Spoiler alert, Ageha was his slave before. So jk, Ageha wasn’t the Blue King like I thought he was.

Forgot to mention that as well. There are four provinces, each with one of the emperor’s sons ruling over them. The Red King, the White King, the Blue King, and the Black King. This was some convo when they met an old lady in what was now a graveyard. Apparently Sarasa has to collect the 3 swords, gather followers, and kill all 4 kings, lead a revolution, and change the country. Yea….she’s got a lot of work to do. That’s why she dipped for a bit

Okay so she adopts this baby owl that is too cute for life and sees the ocean for the first time. Some happy cute times for this poor little girl. Unfortunately they don’t last long because this little freaking brat in the troupe wen off blabbing his mouth saying he knew Tatara. Also, Ageha is too precious, he really thinks Sarasa is a male disguised as a female.

Like seriously, this kid is a freaking idiot. They put on a performance and omg the art, I’m weak! The perfomance is so Sarasa can run away and get across the sea in an underwater cave. Apparently this thing is the cave of trials or something.

Basara v02 c005 043

Btw this horse he has with her is her brothers that is super proud and won’t let her ride it. Anyway, so she gets in the cave, and honestly I couldn’t’ even tell what was happening, but apparently there were traps and shiz around. She started to freak out. It was basically a labyrinth with multiple paths. Her candle is running out, bats fly out, she sits on a wall of cockroaches, it’s pretty cray. She gets to a dead body and falls over when she finally calms down. She gets her crap together and makes it to the opening of the tunnel where she meets a lion she kills and some terrifying dude. Holy crap his story though, my feels!

He was an intense old man. He also states that “suzuki” was his sword and that she would find it on Suzuki island. He gives her a ring with his family crest on it and kicks that bucket. Sarasa can’t swim but she learns in the next panel. Girl has to swim out of the cave with the horse. She makes it to land basically to find out someone is impersonating Tatara. The horse finally lets her ride it! yay! (srsly, I should learn it’s name, they say it often enough LOL). Of course she’s going to go meet the person pretending to be Tatara, but wait, I FEEL A TRAP COMING ON!

She meets this kid. He’s pretty much a loser. lol not really, but he’s dumb as F. He gathered all these people to bring them to Shidou (Shuri’s best friend) so he could get some medicine for his dying mother. Well of course, they get betrayed and attacked, he doens’t get medicine, and his mom dies. She was already on her death bed though so it was pretty pointless. Turns out, the kid is the grandson of the old man from the underground tunnel. He asks to tag along after Sarasa gives him the ring she got and he read’s his mother’s last will. Pretty predictable crap.

Anyway, now we have Agha being torutred for info by Shidio, but holy F, Ageha is sooo sassy! Basara v02 c007 110

He also takes a bunch of crap to Shuri but he ignores it. Ageha best girl 10/10

Shidou marries his fiance and bangs her and gives Shuri’s back story. Turns out, bby boy is branded like a slave because a prophecy he was born with. Hating ass family!Basara v02 c008 169I didn’t really care about Shidou and his fiance bs, because it’s obvious it a death flag. I’m just saying, there’s bout to be hella drama if that goes down. The real importnat part of this was, SHURI AND SARASA MEETING UP AT YET ANOTHER HOT SPRING! Do love the cute between the two.

Buuuut then he get’s poisoned by some assassination attempt by one of his brothers.  Sarasa saves his life and he gives her an owl so that can have, in his words “a romance at any time” LOL. It’s cute. Pretty sure he fell first xD I love his reactions to when she hits him and he bleeds. Pretty sure he’s an M cause he said he kinda liked it HAHA.

FORGOT TO MENTION, he stated he only has 2 brothers and a drunkard father soooo, one brother is about to have soem serious mystery around them

Solid volume, I’m definitely loving it. Still freaking out at the length and amount of plot. Please don’t drag ;———-;


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